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'Love Knows No Enemy'


WILL Fenton
ROSE Fenton
AGATA Monti*

* The actress playing ROSE
also plays AGATA and DOCTOR.

* * * * *

Repatriation was written as a stage play, but with the
intention of turning it into a film - as part of a project.
Hence the reason for the play having a filmic quality.


The year is 1945, the final year of the Second World War.
In Italy, the Allies are slowly forcing the German and Italian
fascist armies northwards. Numerous Allied bombing missions
are being flown over the Po Valley in an attempt to breach
the Gothic line.

Will Fenton is the navigator of a Douglas A20 bomber flying
such a mission. But after encountering intense enemy flack,
the plane is hit and crashes into a field, bursting Into flames.

Miraculously Will is able to drag himself free of the wreckage,
though his companions are not so lucky. Critically injured he
manages to find refuge in a nearby barn and conceal himself
beneath some old sacking, where exhausted he falls asleep.

Early the following morning Graziella, a young girl from
thel farm, discovers Will. She immediately sets about treating
Will's wounds, bringing him food, drink and extra clothing.
Furthermore, she promises not to turn him in to the enemy.

True to her word, Graziella nurses Will in secret. Even though
his injuries no longer life threatening he needs to convalesce.
Gradually a strong bond begins to forge between them both
until they both realise that theirs is a relationship that can
outlast the seeming eternity of war.

So when the inevitable parting does arrive, both Will and
Graziella know that this is only the beginning.

* * * * *

More Information

•  1 Male (20) :: 2 Females (18 & 28)

•  Running Time approx: 90 mins

•  Music used in the play

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