Everyone Dances

Tudo Baila No Algave - Jorge Fontes
Everyone Dances


KARIN Cabral - Hotel Maid
BERNARDO - Hotel Concierge
RICARDO Couto - Karin's Boyfriend
JORGE - Mafia Boss

CHICO - Jorge's Heavy 1
CARLITO - Jorge Heavy 2
MARIO - Taxi Driver
MAMMA Cabral - Karin's Mother
CARLOS Souza - Hotel Magnate
SONIA - Bar Owner
FELIPE - Sonia's Husband
PEDRO - Carlos Souza's Chauffeur

* * * * *


In 40 Words:

A romantic trip turns sour when Stuart is abandoned
by his wife - Susanna. He finds solace in Karin, the
hotel proprietor's attractive daughter, who harbours
her own dark secret. Karin offers to help Stuart win
back Susanna - for a price!

In 70 words:

It began as a romantic trip to the Algarve to buy the
holiday home of their dreams. Instead, Stuart finds
himself suddenly abandoned by his wife - Susanna -
with explicit orders not to follow.

Confused and alone, Stuart befriends Karin - the
attractive daughter of the hotel proprietor - who
has boyfriend troubles of her own.

After several mishaps, Stuart and Karin forge a
partnership to help each other solve their respective

* * * * *

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